Meet The Kreativo Pro Team

Hi, We are the team behind Kreativo Pro. Great to see that you want to know more about us!


Head Pro

The man who put the KP crew together. Pankaj likes to tell stories. 5 years ago he touched WordPress and its PHP coding. He has not looked back since. He has big visions, dreams and ideas that he keeps executing on Kreativo Pro.


Happiness Pro

Manvendra may not be tall, but he is a great guy at heart. Making customers 100% happy is his passion. He is an adventure loving guy, but don’t ask him about forests, as he will go on and on about it. He is like a cat, if he fits, he sits. We like cats!


Happiness Pro

Piyush is a living proof that with good organization skills you can achieve greatness. He manages to be top at his work and no one knows how. He does not complain and rather work on fixing issues. He handles work when most of us are sleeping.


Technical Pro

Gaurav renounced his PHP ways and embraced the light of WordPress. Gaurav is the go-to person when fellow developers run into seemingly unsolvable WordPress problems. He is family oriented and likes his freedom more than anything else.


Technical Pro

Prior to joining forces with Kreativo Pro, Vikas was already making a big name in WordPress. Top agencies in the world contact him when things go wrong. He likes systems and fast work. And we like his efficiency and ability to meet deadlines.


Technical Pro

Rishi is a father of a lovely eight years old girl, in love with photography and self-made softwares, huge fan of swimming, and always ready to help you in turning crazy ideas into reality. Word is around that Rishi has been with KP from start.