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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you really available 24/7?

YES. We are here for you any time of the day or night to solve your WordPress issues, headaches or simply to make changes or fixes to your existing site. We offer same day turn around and have a global team to offer you world class developers when you need it most.

Best way to contact you?

You have many ways to contact us. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. Use our live chat option or even send us a message on Facebook.

How long until my site is fixed?

That depends on the job. Small changes are generally done within 4-8 hours. Larger jobs can take a day. We aim to provide same day turnaround.

What makes up a small change?

Small changes are “30 minutes or less” in time and are generally simple in nature. These would include things like installing a plugin, making changes to your header or sidebar or setting up redirects. It can also include adding text, changing an image, adding a page etc.

What are the limits?

Most people can submit a job per day. So if you submitted a job per day you would get around 30 jobs completed per month for 1 low monthly fee.

Do you build websites?

Yes. We build websites from scratch. Check our service here. We are a support and maintenance company, so mostly we work with existing websites to make changes, fixes and updates.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up and your first months payment is processed. We will ask your for your WordPress Logins (An Admin Account) and also your cPanel logins. Then we will securely save that in our CRM which makes up your client file. From there you can email us your jobs, submit it via our Facebook page, or from our live chat on the website. We will then get the job done. You will receive updates at each step of the way.

Do you offer hosting?

YES WE DO! We offer the best WordPress optimized hosting plans which will help your site run faster, more securely and easier than ever before. It also helps us get your jobs done faster and with better efficiency. We also take care of your backups (7 consecutive days) so if you ever need a restoration, it happens very fast. This is an option we highly recommend.

How do you provide unlimited changes to clients?

Most clients are fair and so are we. We can accept a job per day from you and we aim to get jobs done within the same day. We have built systems and procedures to make sure our staff and developers are as efficient as possible to maximize the jobs we can do for all our clients.

Will you support more than 1 website?

We definitely can! Our monthly support plans are dedicated to just one website. However you can easily sign up multiple accounts if you have two or more sites.

How do I cancel?

We don’t want you to leave but you can at any time. Just let us know and we will stop the service at the end of the current month.

What is your billing process?

Your credit card will automatically be billed each month, for the amount of your plan(s), on the day that you signed up.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and Discover. After signing up, your card will be deducted each recurring month on the day that you signed up. We use Paypal for our payment processing.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll offer you a full refund. It is that simple!

Where are you located?

Our head office is in Rajasthan, India. However we are a global team with developers in US, UK, India, Australia and Philippines so we service all hours of the day.

Can I change my plan after sign up?

Of course! You can upgrade, downgrade, change and cancel your plan in any way you’d like. You’re not tied to a contract with us. You can change any aspect of your plan by simply letting us know.

The Ultimate WordPress Support & Maintenance Service

Common Jobs We’ll Quickly Fix For You:

 WordPress website updates, changes to images and content;
 Structural changes like main menus, navigation and forms;
 WordPress core updates and plugin updates;
 Page formatting issues or template issues;
 Emergency care and support if you break something;
 Setting up new features on your site;
 Plugin research to help you achieve your desired result;
 Screen size and responsive design issues;

 WordPress website backups and migrations;
 SEO on-page set up, suggestions and ongoing support;
 WordPress speed optimizations so your site runs super fast;
 WordPress Fixes like broken pages, redirections, new pages, typos etc;
 WordPress compatibility issues and solutions;
 WordPress security to prevent hacking;
 Improperly embedded code;
 Browser compatibility issues;

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